NOW is your time to take your head out of the sand,
step into your financial power and create the thriving
and profitable business you desire and deserve!

“If I just generate more revenue everything will take care of itself, I’m bound to be profitable, yes?”

Unfortunately more often than not the answer is no...

Increasing revenue is an important piece of the puzzle, but it runs much deeper than this.

Thousands of businesses the world over close their physical and
virtual doors everyday through not taking their head out of the sand
and shining the required and deserved light on their finances.

Did you know millionaires who perhaps have the least need
to look at their figures and money each day, do precisely that, each
and every day they know their numbers.

I truly believe we can, and in fact need to, take a leaf out of their
book, remove our heads from the sand and remain consistently
connected to our financial well-being, goals and bigger vision.

Who Am I?

Jessica Giles, Your Money Mentor

Jessica is a super passionate holistic accountant (thank you to her wonderful clients for that term!) Jessica wholeheartedly believes that your financial success is a beautiful synergy of practical strategies, structures and systems that enable you to be a confident and capable stewardess of your money, and also continually develop your abundance mindset and wealth consciousness to ensure we are keeping the channels to abundance open and receptive. Jessica believes that the biggest obstacle we encounter on our road to generating wealth and abundance is indeed ourselves! It is her great pleasure to lovingly deliver this program to you, and support you to get out of your own way.

Jessica is a qualified accountant - you don’t have to be to benefit from this course! It has intentionally been created to be actionable, easy to implement whilst still hugely valuable and transformational. Can’t wait to welcome you onboard!

Do you feel financially stuck?
... unsure of which way to move forward?


This course is inspired by, and created to educate, empower and equip you to confidently become the fabulous and fierce Chief Financial Officer of your business.

The numbers on the page you ordinarily
stare at with a blank stare?

Learn the meaning and story behind the numbers, how to analyse and interpret them and how to ensure they are working FOR you!

To be confident and have clarity on both the past, the current state of, and the future plans for your profitable empire.With the financial year coming to a close, and the promise and possibility that a new financial year brings about, there is never a better time to shine the light on your numbers or your financial understanding.

From now on you will confidently and boldly step into your accountants office at year end with a clear picture and understanding of your businesses financial health and profitability.

In fact you will now wow him or her with your brilliant and accurate
insights into your business, no longer will you sit there with knots in
your tummy as you await the verdict,

With questions of ‘did I make a profit?’ or worst still ‘where is my
profit?’ nope you will now be the confident and capable financial
controller of your empire.

Was 2015 to be the year you became a financial grown up?

As it ticked over July 1 though do you feel no more clarity or direction than you did on January 1?

This is a course that you can implement and benefit from immediately.

Why Business Wealth Builder?

Take a peek at what the 4 week Business Wealth Builder e-course has to look offer:

This course is inspired by and created for the savvy and sassy
entrepreneur that is tired of feeling tripped up by their financial
statements that make no sense! (and that’s if you’ve even looked at
yours!), This course will step you through (with plenty of support by
me) the key, foundational structures, systems and processes that
will enable you to take really great care of your money and begin
generating real and sustainable wealth

  • Module One: PLAN

    We cannot move forward until we make peace with where we are
    – Perform a financial and non financial review of your business
    – Formulate your personalised financial blueprint for your ultimate success.
    – Identify how traditional accounting models are setting you up for failure (seriously!)

  • Module Two: IMPLEMENT

    – The rubber hits the road here as we implement processes, structures and
    procedures that are going to support you in creating your profitable and sustainable empire

  • Module Three: TRACK

    If you are new to me and my ways, this is my most favourite word and I will be sharing
    my favourite tips, tools and techniques to ensure you stay connected to and
    aligned with your business finances and the interconnection to your ultimate desires.

  • Module Four: REVIEW

    In this module it’s tied together in a pretty bow as you review your
    newly implemented systems and structures.

    There are workbooks, checklists and templates to concisely but thoroughly
    review your businesses progress and profitability in a fun and progressive way.

    Now that you have an intimate relationship with your numbers, plans and
    desires we will take the opportunity to review your current business structure,
    and plan for the best model to support you into the future.


  • Pre-work

    Prepare to leverage your time and energy.

  • Pricing

    Confidently price your offerings and ensure profitability, not hope for it!

  • Money Mindset

    Dissolve the blocks and barriers holding you back.

PLUS you get access to:

  • Private, students only Facebook Group

    I will be present in here ‘kicking and cuddling’ to support you throughout the journey
    and ensure you gain the most from the materials and experience.

  • Live weekly webinars

    For you to come along, or submit in advance, your individual questions to receive personalised answers and support to maximise the benefits for your business.

  • Videos, audios, downloads, templates, checklists and workbooks!

    The tools and templates you need to transform your relationship with your numbers and develop an abundance mindset.

  • A secure membership site.

    With your own personal, login details. Access the site and the materials at a time convenient
    for you.

Is this course for me?

This course IS for you if:

  • You are ready to heal and evolve from the stories, the excuses and the past issues and step powerfully into your financial future.
  • You desire to become a masterful manager of your money
  • You crave systems, structures and processes that will enable you to confidently become a capable stewardess of your money

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for someone to wave a magic wand and fix all your problems
  • You want a cookie cutter, no passion or personality approach to generating wealth in your life

Enrolment Closes At 11:59pm on July 26th, 2015.

Course Price: $249

What Others Are Saying About This Course...

Already in week one I have learnt so much! Jess is extremely positive and inspirational

Hannah Pawelski
Hannah Pawelski Gawler Dog Walking & Pet Care

“I didn’t want to look at my finances but knew I had too. Business Wealth Builder made it simple and not scary! It is packed with practical worksheets and information to keep finance and business on track. Jess is highly passionate and skilled and it comes through in her focused but fun course! Numbers are not so scary now. Well worth it!”

Tamara Tipple
Tamara Tipple

“I'd always left 'looking at the numbers' up to my accountant. I used to hand him over my ledgers and leave him to it (does that sound familiar anyone?). But then Jess crossed my path and she totally raised my awareness as to WHY I needed to personally be across this information ALL. THE. TIME! Not just once a year (or every quarter). Jess has shown me WHY and how knowing this information impacts on my product lines, sales revenues and business profits. Why knowing this information helps map out your financial path and business future. I highly recommend getting to know your numbers with Jess - she's a superstar when it comes finances and she's so totally passionate about it! Trust me, you'll thank yourself for it in months to come! Everyone needs a Jess on their team!”

Sallyann Ralph
Sallyann Ralph Little Sweet Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unable to attend the live webinars throughout the course? +

Sure, I completely understand that we have full lives, each webinar will be recorded and can be accessed through the private membership site.

Is there a refund policy if I am unhappy with the course? +

I wholeheartedly stand behind what I am teaching and sharing in Business Wealth Builder, however if you commence the course and feel it isn’t a good fit for you, get in contact within 14 days of course commencement and a full refund will be issued.

I don’t have a good understanding of accounting, is this course suitable for me? +

Yes absolutely. I am often told I have a ‘knack’ for explaining and teaching confusing and complicated concepts in an easy to follow and understand manner. I am a qualified accountant, you don’t have to be!